West quay in the Gioia Tauro's Harbour

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  • Location
    Gioia tauro, Calabria

  • Sector
    Maritime engineering

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  • Client
    Autorità Portuale di Gioia Tauro

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  • Services
    Environmental Impact Assesments  /  Construction Design  /  Safety coordination  / 

The project of the West quay in North side of the harbour of Gioia Tauro represents the completion of the port perimeter in correspondence of the most inside basin; the area is in fact the only one still without quay and it is delimited, for majority part, by a beach. The purpose is to give full realization to the Plan Port Regulator and to allow dredging actions,in order to will facilitate the ships’ moves in the harbour, always in the respect of the maximum safety criterions.

The West quay East North side has length of 385,50 m distinguished in a principal rectilinear segment of around 325 m, another one of around 60 m south that is overlapped to the existing quay (south Segment) and in the final part which connects the new quay to the existing tract.

The typological solution of the principal track is composed by a steel bulkhead with tubular elements alternated with sheet piling.The stee bulkead is attached at the top with steel bars to a strong continuous beam in concrete armed at a suitable distance. The other segments have the some structural conception, but they are different from the principal line because of the same characteristics of the seabed and the existing works.

Behind the quay are placed ducts for the passage of fittings. It was anticipated the realization of the harvest meteoric water system, comprehensive of the installation of n. 2 appropriate oil separators to the treatment of the range of project.