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  • Location

  • Sector
    Maritime engineering

  • Status

  • Budget
    € 3.500.000

  • Client
    Terminal Calata Orlando S.r.l.

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  • Services
    Final Design  /  Construction Design  /  Safety coordination  / 

Since its constitution, the society “Terminal Calata Orlando” works in an overlooking zone near the tourist harbour of Livorno and the city center. The Port authority has identified a quay situated on the East Bank of the Dock Tuscany as a potential new center, more distant from the city of Livorno and with a more direct connection with the roads. The different morphology between the two sites forces to use a different way in the actual center and therefore to a technological renewal of the structures and the equipments. The new area extends for around 300m of the new quay in front of the sea. This area has been divided in four slots for the deposition of rinfuses. The central area of the concession is turned in mixed function: access and weighs vehicles, building offices, work building. The more north area is equipped with 7 slots for different kind of goodses.

The new areas of the terminal has been gotten through the elimination of all the buildings and prefabricated. Subsequently these areas has been filled with material of opportune granulometry in order to conform all the existing level difference.The recent port quay has suitable carrying ability.