Marina of Scarlino

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  • Location
    Scarlino (GR), Italy

  • Sector
    Maritime engineering

  • Status

  • Budget
    € 50.881.085

  • Client
    PRO.MO.MAR. S.p.A.

  • Date
    1999 - 2005

  • Services
    Preliminary Design  /  Final Design  /  Construction Design  /  Works Supervision  /  Safety coordination  / 

Situated in the centre of Follonica Gulf in the shire of Puntone (Scarlino municipality), the new leisure port “Etrusca Marina” can accommodate up to 1000 vessels both in the port basin and in the navigable channel on Scarlino River. Due to the high level of sea-floors dredging proved necessary, resulting materials were deposited on neighbouring coast (north) with the creation of 2,5 km of beaches. The marina is equipped with modern floating berthing system (finger), technologically advanced sewerage pump-out system, bilge pumping system, suction sewage system, first rain draining system.
As a consequence of sea floor characteristics, platforms were designed to have staging structures with ø 500 foundation piles driven into rocky sea bottom at – 25 m m.s.l. The structure rests on a series of bearing impost blocks (10,5 m spacing) and prestressed armed concrete. The port quayside is more than 1000 m long.
The port basin can accommodate up to 600 vessels, and another 400 berths are available for vessels below 3rd class. By the port entrance is planned a travel lift basin to be used for launching and hauling (- 4,50 m maximum draught ).