Berthing piers on terminal n. 12

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  • Location
    Commercial porto of Civitavecchia (RM), Italy

  • Sector
    Maritime engineering

  • Status

  • Budget
    € 19.340.000

  • Client
    Genio Civile Opere Marittime di Roma

  • Date
    2002 - 2003

  • Services
    Works Supervision  /  Preliminary Design  /  Final Design  /  Construction Design  / 

The construction of 9 piles (2.0 m wide) stretching along the existing quay in order to reach the new quay line as planned in the new design. At first sea bottom trenching will be carried out to lay piles foundation on terraced horizontal planes at increasing depth, in order to allow concrete formwork construction. Afterwards piles armouring will be realized through drilled Φ200 micropiles (0.65 m spacing) vertically aligned using a metallic template. Remaining 100 m long quay section will be realized with five 20 m long prefabricated caissons sunk in situ on levelled rubble bedding (- 12.5 m m.s.l.)
Caissons will be 20.00×8.4×13.7 m and +1.2 m out of water, caissons will be made of a thick waterproof flooring (0.80 m) cantilevered on both sides (1.5 m) for 20 m. Exterior walls will be 0.40 m thick and interior walls will be 0.25 m.