Marina of Marsala

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  • Location
    Marsala (TP), Italy

  • Sector
    Maritime engineering

  • Status
    Design completed

  • Budget
    € 44.971.599

  • Client
    Adriatica Advisor S.r.l.

  • Date

  • Services
    Preliminary Design  / 

The present Marsala Harbour entrance, about 200 m wide, does not present overlapping breakwaters. That expose the internal basin to the wind. Port hydraulic and functional designing were developed in order to separate the different parts of the existing basin and to resolve the problems connected to the winds. Because of this planning many important goals were achieved. First of all the separation of port area in four different sections: internal basin, central public beach which is integrated with pedestrian walkway, commercial ships basin, fishermen dock and shipyard area with travel lift. Secondly, room for manoeuvre are distinguished for every functional area. Thirdly new harbor entrance can be placed on proper depth.

The marina project offers the realization of a touristic and recreational area and of a pedestrian boardwalk the city is presently lacking.

Main Features:

Water surface: 300.000 m²

Berths: 920 (from III to XIV class) and 121 for fishing boats

Seabed: -3.50m to -5.00m

Quay structure: Superimposed rocks